Tangible Kingdom Home Group

Tuesday Nights / 8 weeks

Contact: Emily Watson


If you are wanting to become more intentional about living the mission of Jesus, or simply want to learn what this even is or means, please consider joining me on this 8 week journey! 

"The Primer is about building life-long habits, with two primary purposes: first as a formation tool to prepare your heart for mission, and second as a field guide for starting mission together.” - Hugh Halter and Matt Say, Authors of The Tangible Kingdom

The book will have some readings that you do each day of the week on your own, and one day a week we will meet together for food, community, and discussion. Some weeks we will try to do mission! (Example: week five we throw a party and invite people!)  I’m personally excited to start thinking about and implementing practical ways to living a more intentional and influential lifestyle that brings people into the Kingdom. Day by day, week by week, it will challenge the way we think and live to look more like Jesus, and will activate us in doing His mission!


Servant Leadership Training

2nd Sunday of every month, 3pm - 5pm.

Contact: Ron Larson

I believe that it is God’s priority to develop new leaders for JCi and beyond.  We’ll learn about everything from identifying a call to lead, recognizing God’s voice in leading, envisioning next ministry steps, studying the Bible,  and preparing messages. We’ll even develop church planters out of some of you! It won’t just be a monologue either…there will be discussion and Q&A at all of these gatherings.  Even if all you are doing is ‘exploring’ leadership at this point, you are welcome!