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Jesus Accounting 101

by Stephen Campbell What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say “accounting?”  For some, it is the mathematical process of recording the movement of money.  For others, it represents taking responsibility for an act or series of acts.  I’d like to change our focus a bit and look at accounting from […]

Weathering the Storm

by Stephen Campbell – Elder As each of us weathers the storms we may be in right now, I wanted to share something to sustain us as we face the challenges that currently surround us.  (The same event is also recorded in Matthew 8:23-28.)

Does the choice of a church name matter?

by Dr. Ron Larson – Pastor A church name matters only in so far as we believe Colossians 1:18b, “…that in everything he [Jesus Christ] might be preeminent.”  In the Bible, the various names of God are a revelation of His essential nature and character.  Each name reveals what God is to the core and […]